A free fire for PC: free fire game play on computer

If you want to install on your free fire for pc then you will need bluestark and gameloop. Downloading gameloop and blue start slows down your computer. Due to which your computer has to face many problems while playing the game. To correct this, you have to start running Android version instead of window in your computer. So that the Android version of the game can also start running smoothly in your computer. All video games are always made in the Android version. And you people have trouble playing in computer apart from your mobile. And you guys are not able to play your game properly. Today we have brought the solution of this thing in front of you. So that there will be no problem in your game. And you can play your gaming better. and install it in your computer.

How to play free fire for pc version

With Free Fire with Bluestork, you can easily install it on your computer. For this you need to follow some steps. from where you can download your free fire game pc version.

  • You have to go to Chrome or Explorer on your computer. There you have to search bluestack. After Bluestacks, you have to go to the search box and download it. After downloading you have to follow the next step
bluestack images
  • After downloading your Bluestacks, you have to install it on your computer.
  • You have to login to it with any of your Gmail. And you also have to login to the playstore given in Bluestacks. So that Gmail is active in both of your places.
  • After that go to playstore. And you have to download free fire in playstore.
  • After the game is installed you can start playing.

free fire for pc without bluestacks

Let us tell you some tips to download Free Fire without Bluestacks. From where you can install it. and play your game without bluestacks.

You have to download gameloop on your laptop or computer. With this, playstore will start running easily in your laptop. And Free Fire runs very smoothly in gameloop. You guys are not going to have any problem with the game locale like Bluestackes. This software can be run in any window very accurately and easily as compared to Bluestacks. It is not heavy software. who will put any load on your computer or laptop.

Bluestacks is the easiest and right software to install in free fire for pc windows 10. Some special features have been given in it. With which you can easily do any streaming. And you can share your game play on YouTube or social media. Due to which you will get many visitors. And you can easily enjoy your gaming with money. You are running Android in your Windows version. Due to which it is imperative to load on the computer. For this you need to make some changes in your windows system. So that you can easily work load from windows and laptop while gaming.

  • You have to press the button of your computer, when you start you pc – ctrl+F12 Press many times.
  • After this a blue colored desktop will open in your computer. On that you have to go to the option of Manage. And you have to turn on the ability mode of your computer.
  • Due to this, other software of your computer’s windows version stops when the Android version is started. By which you can do gaming very easily.

free fire for pc gameloop formly


You can download your gameloop by clicking on the button above. It is given to you in zip file. You have to install this game in the software of your computer. And you only without using any other software. You can easily play your game with gameloop. Gameloop is not the best for gaming because you do not get to see many options in it. And you don’t know how to setup it in your gaming as much as you need. You will need to do many settings for this. And you ain’t nothing inside bluestacks. But Bluestacks tends to be a big software. Due to which there is a problem in playing on a normal computer. and you look for other software.

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Who’s best in Bluesteak and Gamloop

You must know that you do not want to face any kind of problem and person in your gaming and you want to compare the software. Then both software is right for you. Both the software are right in their respective places according to the power of the system. Bluesteak may be perfect for a large computer. Because many settings in the computer can be done from here. Which increases the load on the computer. It may be best for heavy computers. If we talk about the same thing, then it can easily run in any normal computer. And you can enjoy your game.

If we do the same thing about gaming stoop, then only Bluestacks can give you the best feature. Where you can make custom settings in your game. And according to your own, there is an option to apply any change and button in the game. This feature is also there in Gamloop but many features have not been added. Due to which the problem caused by the user in playing cannot be easily corrected.

Best in Bluesteak and Gameloop?

The best bluesteak will be the one for you. From where you can play and set up any game very easily.

How to turn on Free Fire?

First of all, you have to open Google Play Store app on your smartphone and search Garena Free Fire in the search bar. After that you will see two options on your screen, click on Try Now and Install. Users have to click on Try Now button to play online demo.

How to Top Up in Free Fire?

To top up Diamond in Free Fire, first you have to open the Free Fire game. As soon as the game will open and you will go to the lobby of the game, then some advertisements will come in front of you, you should close those advertisements. After that you will see a Diamond icon on the top, you have to click on it.


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