Christmas Day celebrations: history and WhatsApp status 2021

Christmas Day History: Christmas Day is also called Big Day, people say his friend’s Happy Christmas Day. This Christmas is celebrated on the birthday of Jesus Christ i.e. 25 December. And Christmas Day is celebrated as a holiday all over the world. And people give gifts or toffees to their friends and companions as a gift. People are going to like this very much. In this, Santcloak takes with him toffee and many gifts and gives it to the children. And children are very happy to get this gift. Christmas also marks the beginning of Christmastide, a 12-day festival. The Birth of Jesus, 7 to 2 BC happened between Issu’s birth is not on 25th December, it is not her actual birthday. And no one knows anything about his birth. This day is celebrated because of the union of Makar Sankranti and its surroundings. People celebrate this festival with great joy.

In this festival the church is decorated very beautifully. And people decorate the house according to their own beauty. People use Christmas tree. And light on all of them and also make a very beautiful picture. People put star lights and many balloons in their homes. which makes it look so beautiful.

Christmas is a Christian celebration. But many other people also accept this festival with full zeal and enthusiasm. People take great pleasure in observing this festival. and everyone likes it too.

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December in most of the countries of the world. But there are some countries where Christmas Day is celebrated on 24 December. Like Germany and some other countries. And there are some other countries associated with them. In some other countries, the day after Christmas Day is considered as Boxing Day.

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Why is Christmas Day celebrated

Christians have this belief regarding the issue. That Ishu Christ was born as the son of Mary and he was born for the sorrow and happiness of the people. This story is based on the religion of Matthew. which is written in the Bible. The most famous book of Christianity is the Bible. In which the whole life of Isha Christ has been told. This is also written in this book. Isha Christ’s jam is made by Mary. And with the help of Saint Joseph there was Bethlehem. His birth is recognized. That he was born in the stables. Which was surrounded by all kinds of animals. And the issue was born in the midst of these people.

For this reason, remembering Jesus or the rebirth of Christmas is considered to be a very long tradition of Christians in the art of Jesus. Nativity Fast of Christians to Eastern Traditional Church Practices. anticipation of the birth of jesus. The Christian performance scene also features the Biblical Magi (the Three Wise Men), as well as Balthazar, Melchior, and Casper, although their names or numbers are nowhere in the biblical story. Walking with the Star of Bethlehem, they went to Jesus and gave gifts of gold, myrrh (frankincense) and myrrh (raisins) (myrrh).

It is unknown exactly when or why December 25 became associated with the birth of Christ. The New Testament also does not give a specific date. [24] Sextus Julius Africanus, in his book Chronographii, a reference book for Christians written in AD 221, popularized the idea that Christ was born on December 25.

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Google Celebrate Christmas Day by google gift

Google has launched a new website on its Google for Christmas Day gifts. In this you can get many rewards and gifts of your game play. Google turns you on when you search for Christmas on your site. And you can enjoy with your other new look. and you can enjoy. You can see it by visiting the website. And you can also get any gift according to you. You can also play games in this Santa of Google. And can play and enjoy a lot of gaming. There are many levels in this from where you can enjoy a lot.

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what is open on Christmas day ?

On Christmas Day, all the shops with all the celebrations are open and other schools and shops are closed. Many malls and movie halls are also open. People go for a walk with their friends and many family members, that’s why it’s all open.

what day is Christmas ?

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December. And this is the essence of Christianity. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the world. Children say chocolate and many sweets. Star and light are installed in the house. People easily enjoy with their whole friends.

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