Free Fire Map: best place to land in free fire Bermuda & Kalahari

There are 4 types of maps in Free Fire. The Free Fire Map contains maps of Bermuda 2.0, Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari. To you people, this is the map of the best places in the world. Free Fire Map is famous for its different features and rewards from all over the map of Surrey. On visiting the new map for all players, you will get some new and cool features and loot. The most famous map of Free Fire is Bermuda 2.0. And this is the updated version of Bermuda only. Surrey map taken from world map. You can see as many places on the Free Fire map as people. If you see it on the world map, then you people will see the whole place. And you can easily move around here. Today in this post we will tell you the free fire map details. Which maps are.

Free fire Maps details and map location

Free Fire has divided its map separately. And Free Fire has also designed its map accordingly. Free Fire Maps HD And in seeing you people, the whole map looks like a front house. Free Fire has divided its map into 4 zones. And he has designed his map accordingly. If you want, you can see all the details very easily from the whole map. We have tried to understand you by separating the maps of Free Fire.

Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 Map

Free fire Bermuda 2.0 map photo
Photo: Free fire official

You get the most loot in Free Fire Bermuda 2.0. And here Free Fire players want to jump as much as possible from their plane. You will get to see 7 types of maps in Free Fire Bermuda 2.0. Out of which the most famous place is the academy. All players start off at the academy on the Bermuda 2.0 map. Most loot can be found here. And you can play this loot faster in your game. And you can easily share your game play with others. Bermuda Free Fire has a new version map after being updated. And all games installed have this map by default. You would need to reinstall it when playing on another map. Because that map is not installed in Free Fire. There are many places to see in Free Fire Bermuda 2.0. We give you a list of all the places. And tell you some information about it.

Free fire Bermuda 2.0 Map Places

  • Hangar
  • Observatory
  • Academy
  • Nurek Dam
  • Mill
  • The Circuit
  • Samurai’s Garden

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Free Fire Bermuda Map old

Free fire Bermuda map photo
photo: free fire official

A lot of locations have been taken in Free Fire’s Bermuda. You can see these maps very easily. This map is in Free Fire Clash Scout by default. And you can always play with this map for yourself. Civil work and a lot of construction work is happening on this map that this map has been designed for. You can read and see this map very easily. 7 locations have also been added to this map. And this map can be the best for you to play the game. The most loot on this map is found at the factory. And a lot of Free Fire players like to go to the factory. And you can easily boost your game to the next level here.

FREE FIRE Bermuda Map Places

  • Shipyard
  • Graveyard
  • Cape Town
  • Factory
  • Mars Electric
  • Clock Tower
  • Rim Nam Village

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Free Fire Purgatory Map

Free Fire Purgatory Map
Photo: free fire official website

Purgatory map is the best map in free fire game; many pro level players do not play in this map for new players. And you can play and learn your game most easily on this map. This map also has 7 locations. And you can easily survive all over the place. The maximum loot in free fire is found on this map of Central Road. And here prisoners also live a lot. This is the biggest thing for you guys, that you are new to this game. Then you should start playing with this map.

Free Fire Purgatory Map Places

  • Forge
  • Ski Lodge
  • Lumber Mill
  • Central
  • Golf Course
  • Mt. Vilia
  • Moathouse

Free Fire Kalahari Map

Free Fire Kalahari Map
photo: free fire official

Free Fire’s Kalahari map has the best location; this map looks very good to see. And you are going to have a lot of fun while playing this map. There are very big hills in this map. And on this map, it has been kept in the form of a bone, in a function, which is liked by a lot of players. Kalahari is Free Fire’s most popular map. And here players always go for their game play. At its factory, where there is an oil factory. The same location has been created. This map has been created by combining Surrey Map. Many locations on this map are also of Bermuda, Purgatory. But on these maps, its color has been reduced to red. And all its locations are on the hill. player who enjoys walking and playing. “Complicated terrains, higher tier loot. Complete understanding each area will increase the odds of survival.”

Free Fire kalahari Map Places

  • Shrines
  • Council Hall
  • Bayfront
  • Confinement
  • Refinery
  • Santa Catarina
  • Command Post
  • Mammoth

When will the free fire match come?

Pre-registration of free fire Max has started from 29th August, 2021. According to the company, Free Fire Max will be made available in India from September 28 on Play Store and App Store.

When will Free Fire Max be installed?

The demand for Free Fire Max is very high and it is expected that Indian players can get early access to it soon. If reports are to be believed, Garena can launch this game in October 2021.

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