Free Fire Owner Name and net worth in 2021

Forrest Li Xiaodong is the free fire owner. And so is the owner and founder of Free Fire. He was born in 1977 or 1978. He was born in China and has a business mind. Their main national was in Singapore. He is the founder and CEO of Free Fire Garena and Shopee. He is a successful business man and is very famous for his gaming like Free Fire Garena. They started the work of making Garena Free Fire from 2017, which you have downloaded 1 billion users on the play store. Today, many people on Google know him as the owner of Free Fire. And they are also followed on many social media. And people always keep moving forward to know his biography.

Free Fire owner name and photo

We have given you the name of Free Fire Owner Forrest li. Who was born in Tianjin, China. And he completed his engineering degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Together, he later completed his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Today Forrest Lee has become one of the most successful business man. He worked with big companies and big guys like Cristino Ronaldo and DJ Alok. Due to which you increased the number of active users in Free Fire. Which gave a different level to Free Fire. Seeing their business, they started promoting the game with a different feature to the users who stream online, which many who did not play in the game. Those people also came forward to watch and play their game. Due to which Free Fire started getting more active users. Forrest Lee has corrected many shortcomings in his business. They have promoted the most games in India, due to which the most users of Free Fire are in India.

free fire owner photo
forrest Li, Photo source: Sea
NAME Forrest Li Xiaodong
BornTianjin, China 1977 OR 1978
FounderGareena and Shopee
net worthUS$19.8 billion
Studios 11 Dots Studios

Free Fire Owner income

There are many sources of income for free fire owners. Due to which he is earning a lot in the gaming industry today. Free Fire Game is an online video game. Where Online Gun Skins And Many Bundles Live Updates Character Level Earn All. They have a lot of income source only from free fire. Who are doing this today on a very big level with their game. You can imagine which company can make the most expensive footballer Cristina Ronaldo the brand ambassador. so how much will net worth free fire owner.We are going to give you list wise information about the source of income of Free Fire below.

#1. Play Store

Free Fire has crossed 1 billion downloads on play store. You can think. How much earning would be there from the Play store of Free Fire. This initiative of you people is the source of income of Free Fire.

#2. Sponsorship

Many companies like to work with Free Fire to promote their products and many movies on Free Fire. Even Free Fire gets some earning from this. And the earning of Free Fire increases.

#3. Collaboration

Free Fire has become a huge company. Because of your game. Due to which very big companies or owners want to work with Free Fire. And want to promote their product or project. Due to which the entire income of Free Fire increases.

Free fire owner income more than 50+ million in a day by combining all the above given free fire. By which talking about net worth of free fire owner is US$19.8 billion, it will be almost too much.

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Free Fire One Day Income in India

Free Fire must have more than 750+ users in India. And earning of free fire only we put the amount paid by the user, then if a user drinks only 100 rupees. And the active user should be 10 million only. And out of that only 3 million users drink. One day earning of free fire is around 30+ million a day. And this is only India data.

who is the owner of free fire ?

Forrest Lee is the owner of Free Fire. Who has taken his company forward about Free Fire. Today Free Fire has become the most downloaded company in the whole country and all over the world. The owner of Free Fire has done MBA in his studies. Due to which they have a lot of information about their business. And it does its own marketing.

What is the Net Worth of Free Fire Company?

According to the given figures of Free Fire, Free Fire, together with its gaming and talents, has a net worth of US $ 19.8 billion. Which was released in August 2021 of Free Fire.

What is the net worth of total gaming ?

The most popular game channel on Free Fire’s gaming list is the Total Gaming YouTube channel. Which has 30 million subscribers. And people also like this channel very much. Ajju Bhai is the owner of Total Gaming. And his net worth is 1.5 lakh a month. And he earns this through youtube.


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