google input tools: how to type in blogger or chrome any language?

google input tools:– I am going to tell you the easiest way that you can easily write in any language in Blogger or Chrome. It is the easiest and you can use it everywhere.

As we know there is an extension in Chrome, through which we can make our work easier, this is the agreement that you can easily do typing in Hindi, today I will tell you to step by step how to do the work easily.

google input tools vs google translator

In Google Input Tools and Google Translator, Google Input Tools is used for typing only one of these. In Google Input Tools, Google gives a simple interface through which you can make your typing easy.

Google launched it given the problem of its users in typing many languages. About 108 languages have been included in it. You can use this language easily. There is only one problem with Google Input Tools. That you can only use it in Google Chrome. And when you do some typing with your keyboard, it will only translate. The same Google Translator is not like this, for Google Translator, you download any software on your phone or mobile laptop. You can use it anywhere on the phone as an application through the software.

This is the biggest problem in Google Translator that you can translate only up to 3000 words. And because you translate only so many words, the words are never translated correctly.

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Google Translate:

The biggest problem with Google Translator is that if the words given by you have not been used correctly, then there is a problem in your translation.

If you write a paragraph and dot has been used in the right place in that paragraph, then the biggest problem is that your word will be translated correctly. After being translated, the meaning of your sentence in any correct way i.e. its correct meaning will not come out. Therefore, while using Google Translate, the biggest thing you should keep in mind is that the dot should be in the right place in all your words.

All the words given by you are in a correct series, otherwise, Google will not be able to recognize your words correctly. And when your users will read it, they will not be able to get the correct information because Google will not be able to answer it according to your user.

Type of siteNeural machine translation
Available in109 languages text and 45 languages voice
Launched 28 April 2006, 16 year ago
User per Day500+ Million user/days

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google input tools:-

Google is the biggest company that allows its users to easily do all the new products and all its products are free. In these there is a Google product google input tools, Google input tools are easily used by it. Google Input Tools is easily understood by the user. The biggest problem with Google Input Tools is that if you cannot type your language in the English language. So you can not face any problem in typing your language. You should know how to write your language in the English language.

The meaning of writing the language in English is that it should be written in such a way as given “English – angregi” You have to write in this way. If you want to write in the Hindi language, then you should know all that language in the Hindi language, how you use it.

That is, where to use comma and pie in the senses, it should be the knowledge of the whole language. You should work in such a way that there is a change in your feelings. Then you should not make a mistake in the whole language, otherwise, your user will not understand your language.

NameGoogle Input Tools (IME)
Developers Google
Launch DateJuly 2012, 10 year ago
WorkingType any language using English

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How to use Google input tools Application

You have to follow all the steps given below. You can use google input tools Tamil, google input tools Malayalam, and other languages to see how to use.

Step 1: You have to go to Chrome App

You have to go to the app center of Chrome, from that you will see many applications, all you have to do is go to its search box and search ” GOOGLE INPUT TOOL”

Google Input Tools & Google Translate
Step 2: You have to have this in Google Chrome Extension

First of all, you have to open the profile of Google’s Input Tools and you will get the option of adding an extension, by clicking on it, you have to add the extension to it. It will take 4 to 5 seconds for the extension to be added, after that the extension will be added and you will easily see it on the left corner of Google Chrome.

You have been shown in the above photo how to add the extension. It has been told to be added in the photo above.

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Step 3: Settings of Added Google Input Tools

There will be a triple dot in the left corner of your Chrome, you have to click on it, after clicking, click on the developer, and you will get the option of extension, click on it. On clicking, you will see Google Tools. You have to click on it, then you will get to add chrome left corner after that Google Input Tools will appear, you have to click on it after that follow the next step.

Google Input Tools & Translation, google translation
Step 4: Setting the Language

You have to set the given language, you have to add the language according to your use. And select it for your typing. When you type the selected language is English, it will transfer it to your language, it is very easy and very useful for your blogging.

Google input tools setting
Is Google Input Tools Free?

Google Input is a free service. No need to pay any service charges.

Can we download google input tools?

Google Input Tools is no longer available as a download for Windows. However, you can install the Google Chrome extension, which does the same thing. Chrome extensions allow you to use Google Input Tools on any website while in Chrome.

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