Google Question Hub: Google question-answer Hub for creator and user

Many questions that come on Google to Google Question Hub, are not answered on Google. It is given on this platform. It was developed by Google. Google has covered multiple news websites and blog websites which do not cover the topic. Or even if the user has not found any kind of answer on Google. So that user and the questioner get the feedback and question box below. by which the user asks his question.

Google Question Hub (GQH) is an information market. On which people ask their information and questions. And the people answering it submit their answer i.e. the answer link written on the blog site.

Talking about Google Question Hub History. It was started by Google Digital in 2019 to answer questions on Google. And the question which is not answered on Google, the user can ask here.

How to use Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub is also used in search engine optimization (SEO). And this brings organic traffic to your blog site or news website from the Google search engine. With which you can get a better rank for your website. and increase your online earnings. If you do not have any blog site or blog. So you can do it with Blogger or WordPress. After this, you have to write a blog on any topic. And to index from the search console on Google. After that your blog is ready. The topic on which you have written a blog. Its keyword is to be searched in Google Question Hub. And all the upcoming lists that contain this keyword. After selecting it, paste the blog link related to it there. or submit the blog URL.

  • add blog site to google question hub.
  • Search the keywords in the given box. And add the topic related to it.
  • Paste the blog URL related to all the questions.
  • Slowly the traffic will start coming to the blog. That too google organic.

Apart from the Google search engine, you can ask questions that are not on the search engine on Google GQH. And you can find out the correct information. Google Question Hub is an open answer question platform. Where a user asks his questions. And the creators give their questions to that.

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About Google Question Hub (GQH)

Google Question Hub was launched by Google in 2019. And its beta version was launched on September 2021. Its main purpose can be asked on Google on which the question is not answered. and it is answered by the creator.

ToolsGoogle Question Hub(GQH)
Launch Date2019
Beta VersionSeptember 2021
Publish ByGoogle LLC
Available InEnglish, Hindi, Indonesia, Nigeria

If your blog or site writes or publishes articles related to any one topic. So you can follow the keywords of that topic on Google Question Hub. So that you will always be bothered about all the questions in the form of notifications.

How to Create Content from Google Question Hub Hindi

On GQH you can get the idea of ​​writing content very easily. You need to follow some steps. All you have to do is add the website to your Google Search Console. And the keyword found on it has to be entered in the Google Question Hub. After that you will start seeing many questions related to him there. You have to choose the most frequently asked questions in those questions. And write an article on it. And after that the URL of that article has to be submitted on it.

From that Google reaches your questions to the right user. And organic traffic on your site also comes through Google. Your site is also boosted from there. And many more good response are available from there on your site.

What is the use of Google Question Hub?

There is a link between the creator and the user to answer the question that comes on Google. GQH Google Google also makes it easy to answer all the user’s questions. And the user gets the correct answer to his question.

How many countries is Google Question Hub published?

Google Question Hub has been developed in about 4 country languages by 2021. And among them the language of the country is English, Hindi, Indonesia, Nigeria.

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