Google Search Engine: which will give a correct answer to your question

Google is a search engine. And many users search on Google for answers to many questions on Google search engine. And find the answer to your question. But sometimes they do not know the answer to their questions. Due to which the user finds it very difficult to find his question. And spends much of his time in finding questions. Due to which the user has to face many problems. We are going to tell you how to search questions on Google. So that you can easily answer your questions.

What is google?

You need to know this before knowing the answers to your questions. What is Google? And how does Google work? So let us tell you that Google is a search engine. And it reaches you people by taking data from many websites and news sites. Many websites and blogs keep their data on Google. And Google analyzes those blogs and ranks them all according to their own. So that when any user searches any question on Google. So according to those keywords, Google gives answers to you people from those websites. Google does the same thing inside its search engine.

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Google search engine History

The Google search engine was created by Google’s first CEO, Larry Page in 1995. It is first to do the work of getting information about your search engine in the school and college in the Google search engine. And Google search is the most used in the whole world. And Google search engine has become a huge platform. By which users can ask their question on this search engine.

Google’s first CEO, Larry Page, publicly brought his Google search engine to the public on 19 August 2004 on his Google search engine. Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 during a research project. Larry and Sergi were PhD students at Stanford University, California at the time. At that time, traditional search engines used to determine the results by counting the search-terms on the web page, whereas, according to Larry and Sergey, a good search system would be one that analyzes the relationships of the webpages.

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How to find a best result on Google search engine?

If you know how to find a good search result on Google and you will have to learn about some of Google’s search results for accurate information about the answer to any type of question on Google. From where you can easily find many questions and answers on Google J. We are going to give you the result of the answer of the Google search engine below.

google search engine searching option
  • When you are not getting the answer of any question. So you search on google like this. [ “KEYWORD OR QUESTION” ] You have to write your query inside double invoked comma.
  • If you want to search any website. so you have to type like this. [ keyword]
  • If you want news of any one fixed time on google search. So you get the option of Tools next to the Google search box. You can set the time by clicking on it.

how to make google default search engine

You can set the default Google search engine on your laptop or mobile. And need to do some setting in your mobile laptop. With which you can use Google search engine anytime in Chrome browser or other browser.

  • In your browser, click on the 3 dot in the corner of your setting.
  • You have to select in internet option.
  • Click on General Settings and click on Search Engine. You have to select Google search engine on your search engine.
  • Or you can set that Google search engine to default. With which you can use Google search engine in this browser anytime.

Difference between google search engine and other search engine

You get to see a lot of difference between Google search engine and other search engines. As there is a lot of data in Google search engine. And Google search engine has all kinds of information. Google also launched many of its products for free and it is also free for the user. Google search engine has built its data center in every country. And it also has Android. From where it gets the most data and information. and gives you data with an easy enter face.

Search and data in Google search engine can get results according to you. And you can convex the data according to you and can also see it on your result. Google has always built its search engine by looking at the user’s interface. And Google always works according to the user’s feedback. And the tools made by you are always made according to the use of some.

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what is google ?

Google search is a search engine. A lot of work and searching can be done very easily on Google search engine. And many questions can be answered on Google. Since 2001, Google has focused primarily on small venture capital companies. At that time, Keyhole developed a software called Earth Viewer which displayed a three-dimensional view of the Earth. In 2007, Google bought the online video site YouTube for $1.65 billion.

What are the products of google search engine ?

Gmail is a free webmail service by Google that was launched as an invitation-based beta program on 1 April 2004 and was made available to the general public on 7 February 2007. It will be the first online e-mail service to provide one gigabyte of storage, and the first service to unify e-mails sent for a single conversation, like an Internet forum.

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