how to take screenshots in laptop or PC

If you have also a question in your mind that how to take screenshots in laptop. So let us tell you this is a very easy way. And you can also edit, arrow symbol, and crop the phone with this application. It is also very easy to walk. This application is free. You can take the screen shutdown of many applications opened in Chrome with this application. And to take a shot of your laptop’s home screen, you have to use “Window Key+G” on your laptop. Pressing this opens the application made by Xbox on your laptop. And you can take a screenshot anywhere on your laptop. Or you can use your laptop’s Xbox social. Along with this, you can also see the performance of your laptop. And using the music system on the laptop, you can also see the notification by tracking many applications and news sites on your laptop. You guys will not have an easier way than this on your laptop and computer. This is a feature provided by the Windows operating system. and runs on the computer very easily.

how to take screenshots in laptop shortcut key Window 10

All laptops and computers whether it is windows 10 or windows 8, 11, 12 all have the feature of screenshot. And you can know this very easily. For this, you have to use the shortcut key in your laptop. With the help of which you can use it on your computer. After you have to press the window key, you have to press G. And you will have to open an xbox’s control page and go to its capture feature, but you get the feature of screenshot. And also you get the option of voice record in your laptop on the same.

Screenshot in laptop shortcut key:- “Windowkey+G”

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how to take screenshot in laptop chrome browser

screen capture chrome extension:- You do not need to take screenshots in the Chrome browser. Along with this, you also have to do a lot of edits on the screenshotted photo. And you should use the Chrome extension to take a screenshot of the photo. You will get it free in the Chrome App Store. And you can take a screenshot of your browsed data by putting it in your Chrome extension. And with the help of an arrow in your chrome, you can apply it correctly and neatly.

Step1:– you have to open a new tab of your chrome. You will see the option of Apps in the corner of Chrome. Have to click on it. And after clicking, you will open the Apps Store. And you have to go to this store and install your screenshot app.

Chrome Extensions for screen shot

Step2:– You have to search for a light shot screenshot in your chrome store. and add it to chrome. This application will be added to your Chrome. And you can pin it to this application from your Chrome extension. Due to this, you will continue to see this in the left corner.

Screen shot on browser

Step3:– When you have to take a screenshot of any page on your laptop. So you click on the light shot. Your new page will open. This will be the copy page. And you will drag this page by pressing the left button of your mouse. Then your screen will be selected. After this, you have to save the photo on your laptop.

Browser screenshot application

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How to screen record on Chromebook

If you want to record the screen on your Chromebook laptop. So you have to follow some steps. With which you can record the screen on your laptop Chromebook. And you do not need to install any application on the laptop. You always have an Xbox application on your laptop. Where the option of screenshot and screen recorded is available. And you can record many voices and screen records accordingly on your laptop. Below I am going to tell you some steps. With the help of which you can record screen in your laptop.

  • You can use shortcut keys on your laptop. Or you can also take a screenshot on your laptop using the Xbox application on your computer.
  • You have to press window key+G to open Xbox. and you will get the Xbox page open.
  • By clicking on the capture option in your Xbox, clicking on the recording will start your recording.
  • If your recording is complete then you can save it in the file of your laptop.

Use Screenshots software

If you are having trouble taking screenshots. So you have applications for laptop screenshots on many stores on your laptop or computer. You can easily take a screenshot using it. And you should avoid using many applications on your computer, you should use film more software, it will also help in editing your videos. And also helps in the screenshot and screen recording on your laptop. You can install film more software in your laptop by searching on google.

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Which is the best video free editing software?

Your videos can run on video editing software. You Film mora software is absolutely free for you. And you do not need a very heavy processor laptop to use it. You can also use it in normal laptop.

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