How to use Google Classroom, join or leave

google classroom was launched on 6 May 2014 it was expecting for Google G-suite for instruction program to perused certain understudies from google itself but google discharged it freely on 12 admirable 2014 in 2015 google declared the classroom API and a share button for websites permitting all school instructors and schoolchildren to assist interface with google classroom for tutoring moreover in 2015 google coordinates google calendar into the classroom for due dates field trips and lesson speakers in 2017 google opened classroom to permit any person to google clients to connect classes without requiring a g suite for instruction account and in April of the same year make and educate it for any person google client got to be conceivable after 2015 google propelled it primarily for everybody which was enjoyed by numerous individuals it had all the offices like classroom like you compose homework and work online in your classroom within the same way it moreover makes your work.

how to make a google classroom

You have to follow some steps to join the class on google because google is for a classroom teacher, on this you talk about your whole class like google classroom history, we have done something above now how can we join you in google classroom You are going to give all the information you have to do.

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Start google classroom online

  1. You have to search Google Classroom on Google.
  2. You will see the simple of + after entering the classroom, there you will have to create or join your first class!
    • Join Class
    • Create Class

If you want to join the class by following all the above options, then you have to click on join, if you want to enter then click on create a class. Create class is for teachers only and join the class is for students.

Join Class

To join class, you have to enter the code sent by your teacher, you will reach your classroom. In this, you start appearing in the list of all your friends and you know by looking at all the pages of your teacher.

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Create Class

When you click on create class, then you have to enter the room with the class name, subject name, session, after that you have to click on create, your classroom is ready. After that, you start seeing some buttons.

  • Stream
  • Classwork
  • People
  • Grades


In the stream, you can share all the information about your youtube, drive and together you are given a note page, you can write the information you want to give about your subject.


In classwork, you have to share your work i.e. homework with all your students, here you can also share all the questions related to your subject and can give information to all your students that you have or have work.


People like students and teachers have to enter your class, for this, this page is there, you can add all the teachers of your school. You have two options.

  • Teacher
  • Student


This teacher can access, in this, the teacher gives information about the words of the students and the topics read according to the access exam and this show is to you.

Google classroom use

You people must have seen this corona, what to talk about other benefits. We describe below the benefits of the online classrooms.

  1. You can read and study from your home.
  2. You do not need to be told about this, this is a completely free platform, you can easily do any study.
  3. Google corrects all your technology errors, so you will not face any kind of problem.
  4. You can assess the online student’s data, which is how much their homework works online.

google classroom vs google meet

Goolge ClassroomGoogle meet
It can be taught like a full class.The only live class can be attended in this.
In this, all the data of the child is easily found and information about him can be obtained from his ID.In this, only the information of the child’s email and his name is found, in this, the information of the child’s id and its class is not found.
This is only for the teacher ie school, you can also use it in business.This is for online meetings, in which you can get information about all your team.
You get the online option of homework in this.In this, you get the option to see only the live presentation.
You can get all the information about teachers and children’s subjects in Google Classroom only.In this, you work as a meeting of the child, and you can do your work properly.

How can I see student activity in Google Classroom?

You can also see the activity dashboard within the document that says they viewed it on the same day it was assigned. The Activity Dashboard in Google Drive>Classroom>Assignment Per Assignment says that each student-edited it on the day it was assigned.

Can teachers see what time you unsubmit to Google Classroom?

Can teachers see if you unsubmit tasks in Google Classroom? Either way, from the teacher’s point of view, the teacher will also be able to see if and when you submit, unsubmit, or resubmit.

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