Online Ludo Game: Ludo King for pc and history

If you all play online Ludo game. And you guys don’t know. How did this company make Ludo king so famous? The most popular game Ludo has fans of Ludo King on Play Store. And after that you will get fans in Ludo Ninja and Ludo Gold. The game that got the most downloads in all these games is the one. Ludo King made his new application in Covid-19 lock down of Ludo King. Everyone started liking to play Ludo because of all the people living in the house. Which today 500+ people play on Ludo King’s play store. And enjoy your Ludo. In Ludo Ludo King, Ludo Ninja and Ludo Gold added new features like online talk and enjoying online games. In all these cases, Ludo went ahead. Due to that, people started liking to play more Ludo. And it has become the most popular game today. The largest number of Ludo players are in India. Apart from this, Ludo is played in America and many other countries.

Today we are going to tell you about these three games. how you can go further with the game

How To Play Online Multiplayer Ludo king Game

You will find many games in Ludo on play store. And you people get different features in every Ludo game online. And you guys can apply it in your game. You don’t even need to download a lot of different types of games. All you have to do is improve its setting in your Ludo game. With which you can play Ludo online very well. Today all three are going to tell about the best Ludo.

Ludo king online play

Ludo Lord is an Indian free-to-play, versatile amusement application created by Indian studio Gametion Innovations Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, India. Gametion is claimed by Vikash Jaiswal. It is created on the Solidarity diversion motor and is accessible on Android, iOS, Arouse, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows stages. The amusement could be a modernization of the board amusement, Ludo, which in turn is based on the antiquated Indian amusement of Pachisi.

Ludo king was released on Feb 20, 2016. This application released on the apple store, within the Best Free Diversions Area of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It is the primary Indian gaming app to pass 500 million downloads. Ludo Lord is played in 30 nations and accessible in 14 languages.

GameLudo King
Owner NameVikash jaiswal
LaunchedFebruary 20, 2016
DeveloperGametion Technologies Pvt Ltd
Game TypeMultimedia Video Game
Official website
Ludo King History

How To Ludo king download

You can download Ludo King from Play Store. If you want the old version of Ludo. Then you will need Ludo King apk file. Which you won’t find on play store. For this, you have to go to any download website and download Ludo King apk file. And after downloading it, you can go ahead with the game. and you can play your game.

We are giving you the link of Ludo King apk file. You can go there and download Ludo King Old Version. And you can play your game in any mobile phone very easily. For Ludo King, you restore your phone and run Ludo very smoothly in your phone. Ludo king game download 2020 Version here. Below we have given the links of the mobile version of Ludo King mob apk, which you can easily download.

How to game play Ludo king for PC or Laptop

Download Bluestacks Play Ludo on pc . You need to download Bluestacks on your laptop. And you can download your game on Bluestacks. We tell you some steps. what do you have to do. If you can’t find Bluestacks. So you can go to your browser and search for Blue Stacks and download it. This is for running Windows in Android version. And the game play is also very easy on it. You can talk and chat with the user face to face in your laptop. That too with live video audio.

  • You have to download bluestacks from windows store.
  • install it in your laptop.
  • You have to install play store inside bluestacks.
  • You have to go to play store and search Ludo King and install it.
  • Once your Ludo King is downloaded you can play your game.

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Features of Ludo King online game

Ludo King game has many features. And that will be on a bigger level for all of you. New features are added to the Ludo game. and you can use it in game.

  • Voice Chat

In Ludo King you can turn on your voice and talk to your friends. And you can play the game while talking, which makes the game more fun.

  • 6 Player Online Multiplayer

Level 4 players play in Ludo. But you can play 5 and 6 players together in Ludo King online. And you can talk live with your friends.

  • Amazing Themes

You will find many themes in Ludo King. So you can make your game look more beautiful. And you can use it in playing your game. All these themes choose the player on their own. And make your gaming look beautiful.

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what is Ludo king ?

Ludo King is an online multiplayer game. In which many players can play online games by connecting on their mobiles.

Is Ludo on play store ?

Ludo is on play store. And Ludo has become the most popular game. It has more than 500 million downloads on play store. Which has become the most downloaded game in the Indian game. And people also like to play it a lot.

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