PUBG Free to play news 2022: PUBG battleground all news and offer reward for player

PUBG free to play:– On the occasion of pubg new year, many new news and offers players who play pubg. And waiting for new offers of pubg. PUBG has always given new offers for them on the occasion of this new year.

Well, let us tell you that pubg is an online battleground game. Players play their game by making whatever team. And the player wins his game and becomes chicken dinner in the PUBG. And in this game, two teams face to face. And people also play by boosting their level with new guns and many more bundles and new offers. Raises your level. In the same way, all players need reward and level boost, gun skin from pubg to boost their level. This offer has been brought to the player for free. Today we are going to cover everything in pubg news 2022.

Hi, Survivors. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has progressed through different stages to share its interesting Fight Royale encounter with a broader gathering of people. Presently with our free-to-play move, we need to advance grow our community, give speedier matchmaking, and the opportunity to meet more adversaries. After the move free-to-play, BATTLEGROUNDS Also account is include added included and all players who have claimed and played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS sometime recently the free-to-play benefit move will naturally get the PUBG – Extraordinary COMMEMORATIVE PACK.

PUBG Free to play updates

Free to play PUBG has brought given the enthusiasm of its player. Those who were waiting for PUBG for a long time wanted to play their game from the India server. There is new good news for them. PUBG has brought PUBG free to play for an old and new player on the occasion of the new year. And for this many old players were also waiting. Which PUBG has been completed? And PUBG welcomes new and old players to play the game on its official website.

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What is the update in FREE-TO-PLAY of PUBG

BATTLEGROUNDS Plus:- On the occasion of this new year, players who have come to the new PUBG can play in PUBG with their minimum or basic play. And with PUBG Ground Plus you can play in the game. And you can switch your game to PUBG Ground Premium whenever you want. And you can send your new game to your YouTube and any social media.

All the information about PUBG’s free play tools and rewards and information about its announcement date is given on PUBG’s official website. And we are going to mention you below. With which you can go to easily and take your offer at the same time.

We also have many drop events ready! Complete in-game missions, invite friends to PUBG: Battlegrounds, and watch our partners stream to earn rewards.

PUBG Drops 1: F2P Grand Open Event

PUBG Rewards will run from January 11 to Suri till February 1. And you can get PUBG rewards for free by inviting people to level up your game and friends in the middle of this. You can quickly start completing all the levels of PUBG.

Drops NameStart DateEnd Date
PSTJanuary 11, 7 AMJanuary 31, 11 PM
CETJanuary 11, 4 PM February 1, 8 AM
KSTJanuary 12, 0 AMFebruary 1, 4 PM

PUBG Drops 2: Friend Invitation and Referral Code Event

Inside this drops of PUBG, you will get some new new rewards. PUBG Invite Friends has to do. You have to invite them through PUBG Refer Code. And if he starts playing the game. So you will get a PUBG gift from the list given below.

PSTJanuary 11, 7 AMFebruary 8, 4 PM
CET January 11, 4 PM February 9, 1 AM
CET January 12, 0 AMFebruary 9, 9 AM

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PUBG Partner Drops

In its new offer, PUBG is giving a lot of offers and rewards for playing the game with the player in the PUBG Partner Drop. From where you can get all the rewards from PUBG. You need to start playing the game with your friend. And within this offer, you have to clear the whole level. And you will start getting offers and rewards from PUBG.

PSTJanuary 11, 11 PMJanuary 25, 3:59 PM
CETJanuary 12, 8 AMJanuary 26, 0:59 AM
KSTJanuary 12, 4 PM January 26, 8:59 AM


PUBG is always flooded with new offers. And today January has some more new offers. Which we are going to cover in the next post. Like PUBG Tactical Gear Drone or PUBG DRONE Update in its game, PUBG Tactical Gear, EMT Gear, all these features are included in PUBG in its new update PUBG Update 15.2. I have a lane for PUBG PC & Console. And because of all these offers of pubg, today pubg game is going to be played more. Many new players are moving towards PUBG. And enjoying the free-to-play game.

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What is the new news and offers of PUBG?

PUBG has come up with the offer by playing free to in its game. Due to which new and old players are going to benefit a lot. And the player will get a chance to boost his level. And he can reach more levels in his game. The game will be updated in the future. In which you will get to see new drones and many more features. With which you can easily beat any player in front of you anywhere.

What will be the next update of PUBG?

PUBG is about to update its game again. And this game is going to come with new bundles and features like gun skin, drone, and many more for the player. And the version of this update of PUBG Update 15.2. Will happen.

Note:– PUBG अपने नए नए ऑफर और गेम के अपडेट के साथ हम भी आप को नए नए न्यूज़ और गेम न्यूज़, मूवी न्यूज़ सारे जानकरी को हम यहाँ प्रकसित करते है। आप हमें सोशल मीडिया पर फॉलो कर सकते है। जिससे हम आप को किसी भी प्रकार के PUBG या फ्री फायर गेम के अपडेट को आप तक सबसे पहले पंहुचा सके। आप FFFRE.COM सोशल मीडिया पर लिखकर और हमें फॉलो कर सकते है।

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