What is computer: What are the 2 types of computer?

What is computer:- Computer is an electronic machine, it has been made by man and it is also used to make human’s work easier. Computer easily does any work digitally and gives you its result very easily. Computer can easily calculate any work. But it is also very easy to work. And you can earn lakhs of rupees by working here. You people must know what a computer is. If not, we will give the address.

A computer is basically a programmable computing machine. Earlier computers were used for complex calculations and only scientists and engineers used them. But with the advancement of technology, in order to improve the work, people started needing mobile or computer to do the work in time and gradually all the people started having computer. And people have started using computers and mobiles the most at this time. All the people have started having mobile and computer and mobile. Everyone is making their work easier by using mobile or computer in their work. People also find it easy to work on the computer. People have always wanted to use computers.

The word computer means to compute, so a computer can be considered a computing device in general terms. Which can mind the arometric very fast. Today one’s computer has become very smart and useful. It has also become very easy to work on them. With the help of computer, you can do any work. Since all the work has become digital, the demand for computers has also increased. People like to do their work online and on computer.

Types of Computer

The computer can be divided into many parts depending on its use. But seeing the work of the computer, it is mainly divided into two parts. In which it is the following.

  1. Analog Computer (एनालॉग कंप्यूटर)
  2. Digital Computer (डिजिटल कंप्यूटर)

What is Analog Computer ?

An analog computer handles or processes information that is detected by the physical processor, such as temperature, pressure, and the physical activity of the system. It is called analog computer.

If we say analog computer in simple language, then that computer which we do not resort to digital i.e. monitor or other digitally to do any work is called analog computer. In analog computer, we can say any calculator electronic system from which some of our work is done from that system is called analog computer. In analog computer, we do not do all the work on the computer, we have to do some work on our own. Its use gets done slowly.

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What is Digital Computer ?

Digital computers process such information. Which are essentially in binary two-state form like 0 and 1 When we talk about computers, we usually refer to digital type of electronic machine. In digital computers, microcomputers come under mini computers, mainframe computers and supercomputers. Which according to the size is classified from the bottom to the top of the karma. Along with the processor and unit in a digital computer, separate computing machines can be connected for many electronic processing in it. Many changes have started in the processing and model of computer. People change their model according to the use of the computer. Computer models i.e. their size, earlier computers were very big, but nowadays small mobile phones and palm tops are being used for computers. As technology is changing. In the coming time, without doing anything, many things can be done only with the help of computer. Many changes can be made in it with the help of compute and new artificial intelligence. He can easily understand all the questions on his own computer.

You will not need to do any type of typing on the computer, the computer tells you by changing these languages according to you. Now a lot of technology is going to come in front of you people.

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Computer Features

Computers have the following characteristics depending on their type and use:

  1. Works at high speed to store and calculate information. With which you can do your work very easily and fast.
  2. Ability to receive information and store it for future use.
  3. Information that we can easily send from one place to another. Due to which our work can also be done easily.
  4. Ability to use simple logic rules to control one’s own internal or external activities.
  5. Works by connecting to the Internet very easily to communicate with other computer systems.
  6. For calculations, after analyzing them quickly and correctly.
  7. Many great tasks can be done easily on the computer. You can do any work on the computer according to you. And you can instruct the computer in what form it should give you the result.

Anatomy of Computer

Talking about the structure of the computer, we can take only the parts used in the computer in their structure. But it will not be so perfect. We can add the work done in the computer to their structure. For example, hardware and software are the main parts of a computer. And you can use it on computer.

  • input device
  • output device
  • storage
  • storage device
  • communication device
  • CPU

(Processing data–input—processing—output) This process always happens in the computer and if you do this work in your computer, then there is so much process in your computer which you can do by working in your computer. Extend it further.

Computer Science

Computer Science can be a very good job. With the help of computer science, you can do a good job anywhere, as an office. Computer science is a subject. In which we study about computers and we know all the information related to computers. Comment us for more information about computer science, we will definitely try to give you more information related to computer science.

Explain what is computer?

Computer is a machine which can store and process information. Most computers rely on a binary system that uses two variables, 0 and 1, to perform functions such as storing data, computing algorithms, and displaying information.

What is the full form of computer?

Some say that computer means common operating machine which is used for technical and educational research. “Computer is a general-purpose electronic device used to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically”

What did you learn today, you have learned that what is computer, types of computer, and you have been given simple information about computer science. If you have any question related to computer science and what is computer, you can comment with us.


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