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What is input device? types of input devices

What is input device? types of input devices

What is input device:- Input devices are parts of a computer. Input devices are required to work on many systems together. And it also has many functions in its computer system. The input device converts the data and instructions stored in the main memory into binary numbers. Keyboards are the most commonly used input devices in computers and systems.

With the passage of time, many input devices have been developed in the form of changing technology. And by using these input devices in your computer, it becomes easy to work on the computer. Nowadays, with the increasing use of computer technology and to make any work easier, input devices are being used. Input devices like: Mouse, Keyword, Light pen, Graphic tablet, Joystick, Touch etc.

What is input device?

“The devices used to give instructions on a computer are called input devices. Input devices connect the whole system to a human skill. And these input devices do the work of connecting human and computer language.”

How many computers are you using technology on? And it is used to work with the computer, there are input devices. The meaning comes from the input itself. From which any instruction is given, or from which any data is sent to the computer, all will be input devices. The microphones used by us also act as input devices. Because with this the voice is sent inside the computer or system.

Input device names and examples of input devices

Many input devices are used in the computer. And these input devices are taken for different tasks of the computer. We are going to list below the names of computer input devices. With which the computer’s input device can also get information about it.

Input devices examples:- Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Print Screen, Scanner, Sitfed Scanner, Hand Held Scanner, Webcam, Trackball, Light Pen, Microphone, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), OCR etc.

The names of computer input devices along with information about them are given below. By which you can know. That what happens. And what is the use of computer input device.


It is an input device connected to the computer. By which data and programs are entered into the computer. This keyboard is like a typewriter. Due to which the work of typing in the computer to entering the data is done by the keyboard. The keyboard has some function keys with alphabets. And some are computer control keys. By which it is used to give commands to the computer. These computer keys generate electronic signals. By which instructions are sent to the computer. And computer programs work.

In the keyboard, cursor keys, numbers, letters, insert, delete and many more features are given on the keyboard buttons. The number of buttons in a normal keyboard is 101 keys. And its number may increase. in other keyboards.

The processor is embedded in the keyboard. Which takes control from the mother board of the computer. And data is entered from the keyboard. By which both together can read the data easily. Function keys are installed inside it. Which are used to control the computer.


Mouse is the second main source of input device in the computer. We also call the mouse a pointing device. We control this with our one hand. On a computer, this device acts as an arrow on the monitor’s display. Works as arrow click on hum computer. By which easily work can be done on any computer without keyboard. When we move the mouse. At that time the ball below him spins. Due to which the mouse arrow rotates. And we are giving instructions to the computer.

Mouse buttons work depending on the application program running on the computer. In some systems it is possible that these keys can be used as special functions.

In many computers, the mouse and its accompanying and many computer programs are used. Computer is a kind of electronic device. Which is operated with the help of electricity. So a system is needed to run computer programs on the same. The mouse also works as a system.


Joysticks are also one of the main input devices of the computer. Which is used to play the game. Computer joysticks have a handle attached to it. Which can be rotated up and down. The joystick also works like a mouse. A circular ball is placed on top of it. On rotating it, the program of the game moves back and forth. And due to this type of program, gaming on the computer becomes easy.

After the advent of many new games, new technology has developed in computer programs and computer input devices. And all this makes computer gaming easy. The joystick is being used in gaming for a very long time. There are circuits inside it. And it also has chips in it. From which this technology gets commands. And with the increase in its use on computer programs, it has become more practical.


Scanners come in the hardware device of the computer. By which the text and images in the computer are scanned and inserted inside the computer. When some data is written on some paper. So a scanner is used to put it inside the computer. The main job of the scanner is to convert the document into digital form. It converts from desktop analog to digital.

Your printer and laser scanner come in the scanner. The printer also acts as an output device. But it can also be made to work as an Input Device. Printers are most commonly used in computers. And many more inputs are also used with scanners to make the work easier.

Types of Scanners:- There are mainly three types of scanners.

  1. Flatbed Scanner
  2. Shitfed Scanner
  3. Hand Held Scanner

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which of the following is not an input device?

You have to see this for the question in input device. Key how-to instructions are not given from the device to the computer. will not be an input device.
like:- mouse, keyboard, microphone are a input devices and monitor, printer, sound are output devices.

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