What is memory and its types: fully information computer memory

What is Memory: – “Memory is one of the most important parts of the computer, in which all the incoming input and output data of the computer are kept. Or the primary memory is used for processing it. Memory is a card in which Data is stored in what is called memory. It is the most important part of the computer because all the projects happening in the computer are kept in this memory and this memory is used after the processing of CPU.

The question comes in the mind of the people at that time. When he is using a computer or taking computer information from somewhere. And if they listen to the memory thing, then they search on Google all the questions. A lot of memory is there in the computer in memory. It consists of primary and secondary memory.

how many types of computer memory

There are mainly two types of computer memory.

  • Primary Memory (प्राथमिक मेमोरी)
  • Secondary Memory (सेकंड्री मेमोरी या सहायक मेमोरी)

What is Primary Memory

In this memory the data instruction is kept on hold. The processing time taking place in the computer is kept in this memory. This memory is built on an electronic circuit. Which remains on as long as the power is on in the computer. It is called Primary Memory.

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Type Of Primary Memory

There are mainly two types of primary memory.

1). RAM

This memory time data is written or read only on it. That is, if we ask a question to the computer or play a video, then it is accessed on this memory and when the video is stopped, it gets removed from this memory. This is called RAM.

full form of RAM – “Random Access Memory”

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2). ROM

Data is never lost in this memory. That is, you write any data on ROM. So even after the power is turned off, the data store remains in it. It is called Rom.

ROM Full Form – “Read Only Memory”

What is Secondary Memory or Auxiliary Memory?

Very large i.e. a lot of data can be kept in this memory. The speed of this memory is also slow. And a lot more is stored in this memory than other memory and the data is always kept in it. And big files are kept in it. It is cheaper than other memory, and software, video, audio document files are kept in this memory. Secondary memory types are many. We are divided according to its use. This keeps on changing from time to time.

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Type Of Secondary Memory

There are many types of secondary memory. It is divided according to use. Some parts of which are telling.

1). Magnetic Tape (मैगनेटिक टेप)

It is used to store large amount of data. This used to be the most popular at first, but it was discontinued when memory types started coming in, and used to have reels of about 50-2400 feet. And on this reel the data was kept.

2). Floppy Disk ( फ्लॉपी डिस्क )

It is a rectangular structure made of magnetic tape. The disc is placed inside it. This is done to avoid dusting the disc. It is read or written by the floppy disk driver FDD. It is the oldest type of storage memory. Its maximum capacity was up to 1.44 MB.

3). Hard Disk Driver (हार्ड डिस्क ड्राइवर)

It is a rapidly rotating disc made of magnetic material. It is used to store digital information and to retrieve this stored data. The option of data backup is also available in this disk. In this we can keep the software without installing it. The IDE is kept in random access memory. It is also mainly of two types. internal hard drive and internal hard drive.

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4). Compact Disk CD (कॉम्पैक्ट डिस्क)

This article is disc. It is used to store large amounts of digital and portable data. It was developed for recording and playing sound only. Later this software was used for storing videos, programs. Which was very useful for a few days and also allowed the storage of many files in this program. The only problem with this disc was that programs would get damaged when scratched on it.

5). Digital Video Disk (डिजिटल वीडियो डिस्क) DVD

It can store 25 times more data than CD. The read write speed was also very fast in this but it was not used that much. It was only later that the pen drive came. In this, earlier it was used to store movies, videos.

6). Pen Drive (पेनड्राइव)

In this, along with keeping the data stored, the data can also be erased through electric. Data can also be stored again in this pen drive. Its store is 4GB, 8 GB, 16 GB etc.

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7). Memory Card (मेमोरी कार्ड)

Memory has become one of the most reliable and reliable means of transferring data easily. Memory cards are also used to store and transfer data. There is no problem of data loss in this, it is also small in size. It works like a Protable hard disk.

8). Port Table hard drive (प्रोटेबल हार्डड्राइव)

This is happening a lot in use today, it has a lot of data store. And it is used a lot as a store memory used in computers, laptops. Its store can be around 320 GB, 500 GB to 1 TB. This is a very used memory in 2021.

What is Memory?

Memory storage device. Which stores data digitally in a computer or laptop. And also very useful in data transfer.

What is the type of memory?

There are two types of memory.
Primary Memory
Secondary Memory

Note:- computer memory is measured in GB & TB

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