What is Starlink? How Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service Is Helping Ukraine Russia War 2022

What is Starlink:- You all must know that Ukraine-Russia War 2022 has just started going on between the two countries. And Russia is the first to shut down Ukraine’s internet and mobile services. Due to this the communication system of Ukraine should be completely shut down. And after Russia’s shutdown of such internet service, Elon musk Ukraine starlink has stopped Starlink satellite internet over Ukraine. And StarLink has started providing internet service in Ukraine. And for this, all Ukraine users need only a Starlink internet receiver. After that, it can easily take advantage of internet service.

Many phones and online platforms are being connected through this. The same Google Map has stopped its satellite by going over Ukraine. Due to which Ukraine live maps are visible from Google Map. Ukraine’s Surrey Building Google Map is updating live. Picture of Surrey building is visible clearly,

Satellite Wifi and satellite internet for Ukraine are being provided by this big company of America. The same Elon Musk is also helping Ukraine a lot.

What is Starlink internet service?

All of you must be asking questions about what is Starlink. And what is the use of Starlink? In answer to all your questions, we are going to tell. That Elon musk has launched his phone PI, he is a satellite phone to this phone. And Elon Musk sent a satellite to provide satellite internet service which was named Starlink. And the internet which will be provided by Starlink is called StarLink internet service provider.

1600 more satellites were sent with the Starlink satellite. Starlink has been placed in the LEO orbit of the Earth. From where it will be sent to the internet all over the earth. Internet services are being sent to every city by making a network of this Starlink satellite. Starlink launch started on 22nd February the last launch has been completed on 14th September 2021. And its services are being sent to America, Ukraine. This internet service of Elon musk can never be stopped easily in a war.

ProvideSatellite Internet service provider
Internet Speed17 – 115.22 Mbps
Launch Date22 Feb 2018
Last Launch 14 Sep 2021
OwnerElon Musk
Official SiteVisit

Starlink ukraine how to use

How does Starlink work:- You all must know that in this ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, first of all, an army shuts down its internet and communication system. So that the talking systems there can be stopped. Keeping this in mind, Elon Musk has made a big announcement for Ukraine. He has said. That their satellite internet service can be used for free in times of war for Ukraine. For this, Elon Musk is going to place his satellite SpaceX Starlink over Ukraine free. Due to this, the people of Ukraine can very easily use satellite internet connections on their phones. And can take advantage of internet service on the phone. All this is being done because Russia has shut down all communication systems of Ukraine.

Elon Musk Ukraine news

Satellite internet service has been asked to provide free of cost to the people of Elon musk Ukraine. So that he can be monitored on the whole condition of the country. The same Google Map has also placed its satellite over Ukraine. With the help of which America and other countries can easily find the identity on the map there.

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how to buy starlink internet service

To buy Starlink internet, you do not have to follow many formats and you do not need to follow any. And you have to go to the StarLink website published by Elon musk. And on that, you have to follow some steps. You can book a Starlink India order or Starlink America order for both countries.

You will have to pay $99 for a Starlink order in India initially, after that when all the products are delivered to your home then you have to pay $500 to $600.

  1. You have to go to starlink website starlink.com
  2. After that you have to select the name of your country. and further process has to be started.
  3. After that you have to book the order by paying $99.
  4. After that your order will be submitted. Then you will have to pay $500 pay when your order arrives at home

Starlink coverage map timeline

Starlink coverage map:- The Starlink satellite is also made for maps. Just like you use Google Map, you can also use SpaceX Map. Which can be seen very easily by a visual. The best map timeline from Google is Starlink Timeline Map which gives the best features. The same Spacex satellites remain fixed at one point. So that SpaceX can easily be visited on the world map.

Starlink coverage map, Starlink internet service (Image source: Starlink map website)

Starlink provides the best and best internet and map service in internet service. In which you are seeing dots on Earth. It will be on the Starlink satellite. He will share live photos of Earth from all sides. By which the 3D view will be visible on the map.

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When will Starlink internet come to India?

Internet service has started giving Starlink in many countries. The same Starlink internet service will be started very soon in India. Its information has not yet been given by Elon Musk. But Starlink India is not being launched even due to the high price.

When was Starlink launched?

Starlink was launched in February 2018. Which lasted about 2 years. Whose last satellite was done in September 2021. Today its satellites are spread all around the Earth. With which you can use satellite phone very easily.

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