what is the difference between hardware and software

Difference between hardware and software:- Let us tell you that this is a part of the computer itself, the computer runs only due to the combination of hardware and software. And all its programmed data runs on the hardware itself. To make a computer, many small parts are required, which is called hardware. The software programmed to run the hardware and give commands to it is called a computer software. The language of the computer is also used with the help of the software of this computer, most of the computer’s data and its programs are run by some external hardware. The computer works as a program and can easily do its work from its program itself. All the functions of the computer and the new system software created by it make our work easier.

Computer Hardware

The physical parts of a computer are called hardware. These parts can be anything electronic, electronic, magnetic, mechanical, and optical of the computer. It helps solve the instructions given on the computer. The work done on the computer is to work in its physical form, to help solve the data given by the people on it.

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Types of Hardware (Hardware: computer parts)

There is much hardware in a computer. We use them according to our work, it is called hardware. Computers cannot run without hardware. Like human beings need all the parts of the body to stand and walk. In the same way, hardware is needed for the computer to work and its programs and instructions. Let us tell you the names of the hardware, which you can use or see on your computer. Some of the same parts work as hardware in your computer.

  1. Input Device
  2. Output Device
  3. CPU
  4. Memory

Input devices definition

Input devices are the most important parts of a computer’s hardware. With input devices, we use input devices to give a lot of data and instructions to the computer. The input device converts the required input data into binary form 0’s and 1’s. And then sends it to the CPU. The CPU does the processing and sends it to your monitor. The most commonly used input device is the keyboard. But as the technology changed, it was changed. Input devices used by computers, nowadays there is no need for a keyboard, you can write all the words you are typing with the help of any type of sound in your computer.

Example of Input Device:- Mouse, Joystick, Trackball, Light Pen, Graphic Table, Touch Screen

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Output device definition

Output device After processing all the programs of the computer, the result obtained is given by the computer to the device. is called an output device. A lot of hardware has been made for the output but the most commonly used output devices are monitors and printers. In the absence of output, no one can see the output in the computer, nor can we get the results and information data given in the computer.

Name of Output Device (Output Device Example) :- Monitor, Printer,

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The main function of the Central Processing Unit is to extract the instructions or program and in addition to it, the processing unit also controls the work of all other parts such as memory, input, and output devices. Program data is received from the input device under the control of the processing unit. and stored in memory. CPU is the main part of the computer. Due to the processing of the computer and the instructions given to it, the processors do the work only.

The main part of a central processing unit.

  1. primary or main memory
  2. ALU
  3. control unit

Computer Software

Software is a set of computer programs, procedures, and related designs that are related to the effective functioning of the computer. Hardware is there to perform the physical functions of the computer. The same Computer Software In Hindi does its work by supporting our program language. We cannot touch and see software, we can only see it in computer language. which is written digitally. Our hardware is run by the program and language of the computer, that is, the hardware and software of the computer are fixed on each other and also do their work together with each other.

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Types Of Software

  1. system software
  2. application software

System Software (Computer System Software)

System Software It is in the form of a system package and it is installed on the computer. This is for the computer program to run. Which is mainly used to control the operating system of the computer. These are general programs that are designed to work on a computer system. This user has to do many tasks such as controlling data, controlling the form of data input and output of the computer, and acting as instructions.

Work of system software

  1. Running other software packages.
  2. Communicating with peripheral devices like printers, hard disks, and tapes.
  3. Keeping the city on different hardware resources like memory CPU etc.
  4. Helping the data to appear in the correct form on the computer.
  5. Assisting in starting and working on other software.

Application Software (Computer Application Software)

Application Software Separate software is made for special groups scientific, school, engineering works, it is installed on the computer. Application software is called. System software is what directly connects to the hardware components. And the application software connects with them through its system software.

System programming, application software was introduced after creating system software to make good use of the hardware. It is made according to different work. Which we can keep on our computer. may or may not keep it. This type of computer does not require any help in running the software.

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What are the 5 Types of Hardware and Software?

Input devices -mouse, keyboard, touchpad, scanner, joystick, webcam, etc. Output Devices – Monitor, Printer, Headphones, Speakers, etc. Storage Devices – Hard Disk, DVD, etc. Internal Components – Motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc.

What are software and examples?

Software is programs and routines for a computer or program material for the electronic device that runs it. An example of software is Excel or Windows or iTunes. Word processing programs and Internet browsers are examples of software.

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