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What is CPU:CPU is the brain of the computer. And the CPU plays the biggest role in the computer. Full form of CPU The main function of the Central Processing Unit is to store and perform instructions and programs. Apart from this, the processing unit performs the work and control of all other parts such as memory, input, and output devices. If there is any problem in the system and you have to control your work easily. The work of receiving all the programs and data is done by the Central Processing Unit.

After processing this program and data, the computer and the instructions are given result is shown on the monitor by the CPU itself. Or it passes the result to the output device. Like printing a topic. The processing unit of a small computer is simply a single processing unit. But the processing unit of a large computer can have much processing. For large processing, each processor works in this direction. And work by turning your new work in a different direction.

what is CPU and its work of CPU

  • CPU reads instructions and data. and does processing.
  • The CPU collects the given data. And whenever the user needs that data. It works either input or output by processing it.
  • It also stores some data. which gives it to the user in case of needlessness.
  • It is used to perform all the tasks on the computer and to control the input and output devices.

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Characteristic or Feature of CPU

  • The CPU is considered the brain of the computer. And it does the processing of all the data of the computer, returns the result.
  • It’s a Micro Electric computer Chief.
  • It processes all the data. That’s why it is known as a processor.
  • The CPU processes all the incoming and outgoing instructions on the computer, reach the result.

Part of CPU (Central processing unit Part)

The parts of computer and memory used to do the main of the central processing unit are as follows.

  • Primary and Main Memory
  • Arithmetic and logic memory (ALU)
  • Control Unit (CU)

Primary memory and main memory

The main memory in the computer keeps the computer’s temporary and data stored. By which all the work is done in the computer and the file is saved.

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Arithmetic and logic memory (ALU)

It works on computer data and new mathematical data. and does its processing and works its new result as output. It works as a function of all processing data.

Control Unit (CU)

The control unit does not perform the work done on the computer. It only does the ALU’s processing. The CU only supports it. With which any program can be run easily. And its result can be easily available to the front user.

Types of CPU

Talking about the type of CPU, it keeps on changing with the change of technology. And today there are mainly 6 types of CPUs. We are going to tell you about the type and use of the entire Central Processing Unit. When buying a computer and laptop users in your home, which processor should you remember about? And there are different types of CPU for different types of work.

  • Single-Core CPU
  • Dual-Core CPU
  • Quad-Core CPU
  • Hexa-Core CPU
  • Octa-Core CPU
  • Deca-Core CPU

#1). Single-Core CPU

Single-core CPUs are used long ago. And in this type of CPU, you can run only one application and program at a time. Nowadays this type of CPU is not seen in any new computer and laptop. People enjoy running the new time processor and playing games for the performance of the computer. Single Core CPU Today all the applications have become very heavy. Out all programs are working as multitask. When this CPU works like this, its CPU speed slows down. On the computer that does gaming and many other types of programming. For them, this computer is the most useless. Even today many people have this computer. But it is not known to be used for new software and applications.

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#2). Dual-Core CPU

Dual-core CPU was a single-core CPU. But in this CPU, two processors or memory CPUs of single-core CPU were used. Due to which multitasking work was done very easily on the computer. And the speed of the computer’s processor also increased. You can run the operating system or any program on both the CPUs to make it work. For this, you need to have written a special code or computer language script. Which we know as SMT / Simultaneous Multi-Threading Technology.

#3). Quad-Core CPU

In Quad-Core CPU, a single-core CPU is installed in four parts. Due to which the speed of the processor increases. And it takes a lot of work time and very fast to run computer programs and applications. This type of processor has come in computers and laptops. This processor is mainly used in video editing and gaming. This program is made for almost full work on the computer. For this processor, you have to pay a lot more money than the dual-core processor. And you also get to see the speed of the processor very well.

#4). Hexa-Core CPU

Even in Hexa core CPU, a single-core CPU is used six times. Its main work is to increase the speed of the processor and to give more speed to the multitask work in the computer.

#5). Octa Core CPU

Even in an octa-core CPU, a single-core CPU is used eight times. Its main job is to increase the speed of the processor and multitask work on the computer and give more speed so that gaming and editing can be done very easily.

#6). Deca Core CPU

It is made up of 10 parts of a single-core CPU. In this type of processor, you get a very high speed and the loading speed is very fast. And in this type of computer processor, you are used to doing 3D drawing modeling, VFX, and many other types of work.

Full For of CPU Hindi and English

Computer-related and all the topics related to it which people have asked. We are going to give you people in the list below. You will easily get the full form here. You don’t have to search for property anywhere.

CPU full formCentral processing Unit
CPU full form in Hindiकेंद्रीय प्रक्रमन एकक
UPS full form in ComputerUninterruptible Power Supply
UPS full form in Hindiअविच्छिन्न ऊर्जा आपूर्ति
CD full formCompact Disk
ALU full formarithmetic logic unit
ROM full formRead Only Memory
GPU full formGraphics processing unit
GPU full form in Hindiग्राफ़िक्स प्रोसेसिंग युनिट

Information about the CPU

Talking about the CPU of the computer, it was improved all the time on new memory and its size program and many more topics. Due to which the time spent in processing the computer and the time in working with it. You are going to give all the information through the list. Due to which the memory you used all the time and what was lacking in it. All the information is given through the list.

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